Hi Folks,

August 17 marks a very special day for the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market and other markets and organizations around the world, a day to celebrate, a day to rejoice…75 years ago to the day, Robert Deniro was born!

I kid, I kid. Actually, August 17 is recognized as “International Nonprofit Day!” This is a holiday that the CVFM can really get behind, as we are made possible by numerous nonprofit organizations around the province.

Most importantly, the market is supported by the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition or CVFAC (a mouthful, I know). Perhaps you have never heard of such a committee and this is a truly a shame. Because the CVFAC does so much more than fork over operation funds to the market. The CVFAC is “a network of local food producers, agricultural agencies and concerned citizens working to create awareness of how we can better feed ourselves using local resources in a sustainable, healthy, secure and environmentally sound way. We run local food initiatives such as the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market and Harvest Share. We also partner with College Of The Rockies on the Dan McMurray Community Seed Bank, and with the Creston Public Library on their Locavore Book Club Speaker Series.”

The CVFAC is a pretty special organization run by pretty special people. We are so grateful that the market is safe and sound under their wing!

For more information on CVFAC please visit there website here. If you are interested, memberships are also available for purchase to any member of the community and are sold online or weekly at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market for $10.

So come celebrate the wonderfulness that is the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market tomorrow, and every other Saturday for the rest of 2018. The market is in it’s absolute prime at the moment, with fresh produce and artisanal products abound.

Here is a complete list of this Saturday’s vendors:

  • Aprons With Pizzaz
  • Black & Beck Foods
  • Blueberry Patch & Farm Girls Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Brittany’s Flower Farm
  • Cartwheel Farm
  • Cookville Community Farm
  • Creston Fall Fair
  • Creston-Kootenay Foundation
  • Dave the Rock Guy
  • Dragenfly Bags
  • Evenly Creations
  • Flamenco Farms
  • Gluten Free Guilt
  • Kootenay Cameos
  • Moondaughter Jewelry
  • Mucky Boots Farm
  • Omi’s Brittle
  • Orde Creek Pottery
  • Patio Pals
  • Picnic Patch
  • Pretty Things for Little Girls
  • Pridham Studio
  • Purple House Farms
  • Red Bird Estate Winery
  • Red’s Jewelry
  • Reihl Farms
  • Roger’s Crafts and Pat’s Baking
  • Simply Bamboo
  • Space For All Gardens
  • Spectrum Farms
  • Swan Valley Honey
  • Sweet Turtle Chocolates
  • Tarzwell Farms
  • The Steady Edge
  • Treasures From the Heart
  • Ute Bachinski Studio
  • William Tell
  • Wynndel Craft Distillery
  • Wynnwood Cellars
  • Yellow Rose Soap Co.
  • Yum Soaps