Hey folks! Finding it hard to believe August has found its way here already. The market is in full swing and shows no sign of stopping for the foreseeable future. This week we have 57 vendors offering a wide variety of products made, baked, or grown locally.

This week our Nutrition Rep wanted to focus on something you’ll be seeing plenty of in the coming weeks at the market-veggies that make your breath stink! Keep reading if you need a scientific excuse to continue munching on pungent produce like onions, garlic, and leeks.

Bad Breath & Heart Health

Phytochemical is one of those nutrition words that sounds really intimidating and complicated when its thrown into a dietary conversation. Basically, plants synthesize various compounds, and some of these compounds can carry out physiological functions once consumed. Food compounds like carotenes give plants pigment, but have antioxidant effects in the body, making them a phytochemical.

In the mighty Vegetable Kingdom, the Allium Family made up of garlic, leeks, onions, shallots and scallions produces thioallyl (sulphur containing) compounds. These compounds have an extremely strong odour, which might motivate somebody to avoid these foods on a first date. These compounds act in three major ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases. A number of complications affecting transport through the blood vessels can be termed cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is an increasingly prominent illness in Canada, with an unfortunately high number of related fatalities, however, cardiovascular health can be largely improved and maintained by a healthy diet. Allium vegetables have the following preventative properties


Thrombosis is the process of blood clotting in the body. When it comes to paper cuts and scuffed knees, thrombosis is your friend as it works with the immune system to allow scabs to form, preventing excessive bleeding. However, your blood vessels have a big job to perform when it comes to moving oxygen and nutrients through your body, and thrombosis could become too much of a good thing, causing some major blockage. Consuming high amounts of unhealthy fats increases this blood clotting mechanism. Eating foods that have antithrombosis properties just keeps traffic flowing.


Some foods that contain high quantities of fat or lipid metabolites can cause issues when it comes to nutrient transport. Masses of lipids can accumulate in blood vessels, preventing transport of nutrients and oxygen to tissues. The thioallyl compounds prevent the lipids from adhering to each other, optimizing their ability to be absorbed.


Mutations in cells can cause them to proliferate or rapidly multiply, this can be an issue in many parts of the body. If cells in blood vessels proliferate the tissues thicken and the passage narrows. Once again, this abnormality in blood vessel terrain prevents blood flow and nutrient absorption.

In Creston right now, garlic is in season and available from many vendors. I was super excited to see that Mucky Boots Farm also had some gorgeous young leeks available. These leeks are really tender, super sweet once cooked and have a nice herbal-like, subtle onion fragrance.

So, members of the Allium Family are a wonderful meal choice on a first date and many after. If you are ever given a hard time about the smell associated with your thioallyl phytochemical compounds, just clapback with your wealth of blood vessel health knowledge!

In Good Food

Reede Hawton – Nutrition Rep

Wondering where to load up on fresh produce, baking, and local art? Check out this week’s complete list of vendors:

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  • Black & Beck Foods Ltd.
  • Blueberry Patch & Farm Girls Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Bootleg Mountain Soap Co.
  • Brittany’s Flower Farm
  • Cartwheel Farm
  • Castle Meadows
  • Cookville Community Farm
  • Creston Fall Fair
  • Dave Did It
  • Dave the Rock Guy
  • Dragenfly Bags
  • Evenly Creations
  • Family Tent
  • Gluten Free Guilt
  • Inner Sun Creations
  • Iron Skillet
  • JRD Farms
  • Kootenay Cameos
  • Kootenay Copper
  • Kootenay Natural Meats
  • Lorr’s Line
  • Moondaughter Jewelry
  • Mustard & Spice Chef
  • Omi’s Brittle
  • Orde Creek Pottery
  • Patio Pals
  • Picnic Patch
  • Pretty Things for Little Girls
  • Pridham Studio
  • Purple House Farm
  • Red’s Jewelry
  • River Heart Upcycled Jewelry
  • Roger’s Crafts and Pat’s Baking
  • Skimmerhorn Studio
  • Spectrum Farms
  • Swan Valley Honey and Honey Bee Zen Apiaries
  • Sweet Turtle Chocolates
  • The Steady Edge
  • Town of Creston
  • Treasures From the Heart
  • Uneex by Lorree
  • Ute Bachinski Studio
  • Wendy Franz Studio
  • William Tell
  • Wood’N Antler
  • Wynnwood Cellars
  • Wynndel Craft Distillery
  • Yellow Rose Soap Co.
  • Yum Soap