Boosting Your Immunity at the Market

I am an enthusiast and supporter of all types of foods being eaten for all types of reasons. Food has the power to bring people together, nourishing the body and soul. When I think of “superfoods” I think of any food that I feel good eating, but any foods that have extra health benefits are especially exciting to incorporate into my everyday diet.

In my most recent trip to the market I was really excited to stumble upon the ladies from the Picnic Patch. Unfortunately the Picnic Patch is not always in attendance, so catching them at the market is an extra special treat. Earlier in the spring I found them on a market trip selling something they had made called “Greenk”, it is a mixture of nettle, lemon balm, and local apple juice among other delicious ingredients. Nettle is a flowering plant, similar to a herb, that is actually super common in herbal medicine for its believed healing properties against arthritis and other chronic pain. Nettle is extremely high in Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that can help maintain immune function. Historically, nettle has been used to combat allergic reactions to things like dust or pollen that cause hay fever, because of its ability to aid antibody production (which combat these allergens). Vitamin C is also excellent to restore immune function if you are feeling a little under the weather with a summer cold.

In addition to Greenk, the Picnic Patch stocks “Nettle Sticks” which combines nettle with local fruit into a sort of candy stick, and packages of lemon balm, nettle, and other herbs. These packages of herbs that be brewed into a tea, added to smoothies, or made into your own custom Greek, if you think you could rival the Picnic Patch recipe! Talking to the ladies at the Picnic Patch about the immune system benefits of nettle got me thinking about another market product loaded with Vitamin C that is in peak season – cherries!

It really isn’t summer in Creston until cherries hit the market. I got the chance to meet a few newbies the market situated at Dream Acres. They are very dedicated to the cherry game, starting the season with Rainiers, and Pie Cherries, and now moving into Lapins and Bings. Different types of cherries will have different levels of Vitamin C, but as a general rule, getting more of these bad boys in your diet is going to help keep your immune system functioning to its fullest potential.

If you needed a reason to swing by the market this week, let it be a little scratch in the back of your throat, maybe a bit of a runny nose, something to indicate that your immune system could use a boost, absolutely stock up on some Vitamin C filled goodies!

As Always, in Good Food

Reede Hawton

Nutrition Rep

Don’t miss the lovely ladies of Picnic Patch, Jeanine and Gary from Dream Acres, as well as over 40 other vendors at this Saturday’s Farmers’ Market! Check out this list below:

  • Aprons With Pizzaz
  • Bootleg Mountain Trading Co.
  • Brittany’s Flower Farm
  • Cartwheel Farm
  • Cedar Frond Crochet
  • Cookville Community Farm
  • Creston Public Library
  • Dragenfly Bags
  • Dream Acres Orchard
  • Elissa June Studio
  • FireSmart
  • Flamenco Farm
  • Iron Skillet
  • Ki Mana Acres
  • Kootenay Cameos
  • Kootenay Creations
  • Krafty Karen’s Crafts
  • Lark Coffee Roasters
  • Lorr’s Line
  • Maggie’s Creations
  • Make Your Mark Woodworks
  • Moondaughter Jewelry
  • Mucky Boots Farm
  • Omi’s Brittle
  • Orde Creek Pottery
  • Patio Pals
  • Picnic Patch
  • Pretty Things for Little Girls
  • Pridham Studio
  • Purple House Farm
  • Red Bird Estate Winery
  • RiverHeart Upcycled Clothing
  • Roger’s Crafts & Pat’s Baking
  • Root & Vine Acres
  • Skimmerhorn Winery
  • Spectrum Farm
  • Tarzwell Farm
  • The Peppered Pig
  • The Steady Edge
  • Thistle Farms
  • Treasures From the Heart
  • Uneex by Lori
  • Wendy Franz Studio
  • William Tell
  • Wynndel Craft Distilleries
  • Wynnwood Cellars Estate Winery
  • Yellow Rose Soap Co.
  • Yum Soaps