The spring markets have been better than we could have expected this year with Covid-19 thrown into the mix. We have had so much great support from the community, and the volunteers have done more than their fair share!

I would like to remind everyone that tourist season is just beginning and we still need to do everything we can in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

The markets have been such a nice way to get everyone in the community outdoors, while still keeping a social distance. As per the BCCDC, we are going to continue operating a modified Farmers’ Market every week. We have additional staff and volunteers at the Market, and will be enforcing one-way foot traffic, including one entrance to and one exit from the Market, which will be monitored at all times. We also have hand washing stations at the entrance and mid-way through. We are asking the public to shop, not stop.

Vendors are being asked to wear masks and gloves during the Market, although they are optional. Please consider electronic or card payments if possible. NO SAMPLES OR TASTERS WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE MARKET.

The Market will be in our usual outdoor location, behind the Visitor Centre, and will be in operation from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Vendors at this week’s Market are:

  • Treasures From the Heart
  • William Tell
  • Pretty Things for Little Girls
  • Iron Skillet
  • Aprons With Pizzaz
  • Chuckureese Abattoir
  • Pretty Things for Little Girls
  • Wynndel Craft Distillery
  • Dave Did It
  • Roger’s Crafts & Pat’s Baking
  • Swan Valley Honey
  • Cedar Frond Crochet
  • Wynnwood Cellars
  • Pridham Studios
  • Spectrum Farms
  • Elissa June Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Tarzwell Farms
  • Sanctuary Lavender Farms
  • Purple House Farms
  • Spice Girls
  • Red Bird Winery
  • Dragenfly Bags
  • Marar Orchards
  • Maggie’s Creations
  • Bombton’s Bath Bomb’s
  • Kickin’ Joes Seasonings
  • Gluten Free Guilt
  • Dream Acres

Even though we have had many obstacles due to the virus changing so many things this year, the markets have still been a great success. Creston is such a supportive community and it really shows in times like these!