Red Sorensen


Red is a retired Rancher – Guide  Outfitter, Forest Ranger and  Bush Pilot. His Award Winning Book “The Man Called Red” will give you an insight into the early 1900’s to the present day. It may suggest a limited audience of interest, those who shy away – whether from an aversion to hunting, camping, outdoor living or a cowboy way of life – will miss the period of a rapidly vanishing time in a rapidly vanishing place.

  Red says he is sweet 17 with 70 years of Experience he has 6 children 4 boys and two girls, 9 Grand Children and 16 Great Grand Children. Red lives in the beautiful Kootenay Valley in Creston, B.C. CANADA. He also is an accomplished jeweller. He has won 2 awards for his book “The Man Called Red” In 2016 awarded the Finalist Award in the” Autobiography Non-Fiction” section from Readers Review, and in 2017 won the Honourable award in the “Sports Non-Fiction” section also from Readers Review, which holds a worldwide competition each year.

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