For the second round of our vendor spotlight, I am thrilled to feature Magdalene, known fondly as “Maggie,” Dyck of Maggie’s Creations!

Maggie and her family moved to Creston last summer all the way from Burns Lake, BC where she was a longtime vendor (15 years!) at the Burns Lake Community Market.

While Maggie was initially nervous of moving to a new community and parting with her loyal customer base in Burns Lake, she says she has been delighted in the instantaneous support she has received since becoming a regular vendor at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market.

She has also enjoyed the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables in the valley, and admires the quality of the produce compared to up north. Furthermore, she is proud of her new home and the apple and plum trees she maintains on her property. Maggie regrets giving away so many of her canning jars during her move, as she never could have anticipated the abundance of local products to preserve!

While I couldn’t take my eyes off the basket of giant cinnamon buns tantalizing me from the corner of her table, Maggie also proudly pointed out her freshly baked breads, Texas brownies, cookies, and pies. She has also been busy canning jams and jellies made with local fruits and her own zucchini salsa!

And when I say freshly baked, I mean freshly baked! I asked Maggie how she manages to find enough time between her family, fruit trees, and canning. Ever pleasant, she revealed that she is often awake past midnight preparing for the market each Saturday. If she makes donuts, she’ll be back in the kitchen by 4:30am! Maggie is up very early, and though your alarm clock doesn’t need to go off at such an unreasonable time, you will want to make it to the market as soon as you can in the morning for the best chance at snagging a loaf of her famous focaccia bread and other baked goods.

Maggie doesn’t miss a market. Find her every Saturday just up from last week’s vendor spotlight, Kootenay Natural Meats, from 9am-1pm. However, if you aren’t able to make it to the market, Maggie can be reached at 250-692-6451 if you are interested in placing a special order (aka DONUTS!).

Maggie, we are so fortunate in having you join us not only at the market, but here in the Creston Valley as well. Here’s to (at least!) fifteen fantastic years at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market!